LARGE FORMAT GRAPHIC WALL PANELS to bring a room to life.  Feature walls, wainscoting, screens, room dividers, door panels, suspended ceiling panels...the possibilities are endless!


C-01S Screen

Sizes:  4'x8'

MSRP:  $8 / ft²

C-01R Relief Panel

Sizes: 4'x8'

MSRP: $17 / sq ft

Water Wings

C-02S Screen

Sizes:  4'x8'

MSRP:  $8 / ft²

C-02R Relief Panel

Sizes:  4'x8'

MSRP:  $17 / sq ft.

White Cap

C-03S Relief Panel

Sizes:  4'x4'x 3'x3', 2'x2'

MSRP:  $17 / ft²